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By | December 28, 2022

Toontrack Orchestral Percussion SDX – Crack – Instruments, Vst Download

Captured in the same room, with the same scrutiny for detail and the same 11.1 microphone positioning philosophy as the Superior Drummer 3 core library, the Orchestral Percussion SDX Vst Crack is not just the perfect complement to the Superior line of sounds, it’s a revelation in terms of flexibility and playability within the Superior Drummer 3 framework.

Orchestral Percussion SDX Crack + License Key Free Download

This is not just a sound library, it’s arguably the most all-encompassing and carefully captured collection of handpicked orchestral percussion instruments on the market. Welcome to the Orchestral Percussion SDX for Superior Drummer 3.

The Orchestral Percussion SDX Crack was recorded in the same room as the Superior Drummer 3 core sound library, the main hall at Galaxy Studios in Belgium. With its 330-square-meter room measuring eight meters from floor to ceiling, it is the ideal location for capturing immersive audio of the utmost quality. In addition, the entire studio complex is built on springs to ensure that the outside interference is nonexistent. In fact, with only 14 dBA of environmental noise, the main hall at Galaxy Studio is the quietest recording space of this size in the world. This in itself is a pivotal factor in making the extreme velocity detail translate to its full capacity. Perfect acoustics, balanced reverberation and second-to-none recording technology – Superior Drummer 3 and the Orchestral Percussion SDX called for a superior studio and got exactly that.

To which bands like Queen, Rush, Judas Priest, Hawkwind and many of their contemporaries made pilgrimages in the 1970s, this unlikely studio became a creative haven where some of the greatest rock songs of our time materialized. But even beyond the heyday of classic rock, Rockfield has remained a lynchpin in the recording world, attracting top-tier acts across genres such as Oasis, Coldplay and the Manic Street Preachers, just to name a few.

This SDX sets out to capture the essence of genre-defining rock albums recorded in the various rooms of the studio, but also to add the modern technology, innovative ideas and ingenuity that will take your productions into tomorrow. In addition to using all of the great vintage microphones and outboard gear available from Rockfield, the library was recorded via 14 channels of hardware tape emulation, recreating the unmistakable warm, saturated sound of tape.

This SDX is as much a nod to the past, a tribute to the greats and a respectful bow to the rock gods as it is a glimpse into the future. Welcome to a collection of drum ringtones for the full range of rock and beyond.


Just like the Superior Drummer 3 core sound library, the Orchestral Percussion SDX Free was captured with close and ambiance microphones as well as eleven additional room microphones set up in a surround configuration. Together, these two libraries present the market’s first drum and percussion sound sources recorded in immersive sound technology, in the same room and ready for use in anything from stereo to 5.1, 9.1, and up to 11.1 systems. The combined power and application of these two libraries are near-infinite.


Given the range and sheer volume of content, the Orchestral Percussion SDX comes configured as a factory bundle of two separate SDX libraries, both available directly upon installation from the drop-down menu in Superior Drummer 3. The first volume includes the more fundamental or leading instruments, such as timpanis, bass drums, taikos, snares, and toms, while the second volume covers the triangles, woodblocks, wind chimes, shakers, bells, and other instruments often used as effects or to embellish or accentuate arrangements.

Bass drum[edit]

In an orchestral setting, the concert bass drum plays an integral role in the overall feel of a piece of music. In orchestral literature, the bass drum usually deals more with coloring and shading the sounds of the orchestra as opposed to providing a solid, rhythmic foundation like in a marching band drumset. The bass drum is usually used to accent strong points in the music and is often combined with a cymbal crash to further accentuate the moment. The two instruments are used in conjunction so often that many parts simply contain one rhythm and the composer then indicates which instruments are to play at which points.

Though the bass drum is possibly the least frequently requested instrument at auditions, it takes a fair amount of skill to play correctly. Given the number of variables that can change when playing the bass drum (beater, beating location, amount/type of muffling, stroke, etc.), a well-versed percussionist is usually required to obtain all the possible sounds from the instrument.

Some important excerpts for the bass drum in orchestral literature include Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4, Romeo and Juliet, and 1812 Overture, many of the Mahler symphonies (most notably his third), and Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz.

Snare drum[edit]

The snare drum is one of the most easily recognizable instruments in the entire percussion section. Also called the side drum, the snare drum is often used as a means of accenting rhythms from other families of instruments within the orchestra or as a soloistic type, particularly in pieces that may have a “military” type theme or sound to them.

The snare drum works extremely well as an accentuating instrument. Tuned and played correctly, it can produce sounds ranging from quick, short, and snappy to thick, warm, whip-crack-like accents. There are numerous examples in music of the snare drum being used in this fashion. One such example would be the fourth movement of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s symphonic suite Scheherazade. In this particular example, the snare drum is used to accentuate the various crescendos and “hits” played by the rest of the orchestra. It is also used to reinforce the rhythms played by the trumpets throughout the movement.

As a soloistic instrument, the snare drum has certainly found its place in classical music. A fantastic example of this use of the snare drum would be the opening of Sergei Prokofiev’s Lieutenant Kijé Suite. After an opening trumpet solo, the snare drum plays a rather short, military-style solo at a pianissimo dynamic marking, designed to create a march-like feel. This particular part presents several problems for the orchestral percussionist, but its main difficulty lies in keeping the various rudiments (flams, four-stroke ruffs, etc.) consistent at such a soft dynamic level.

Another difficult Snare Drum piece in classical music is:

Bolero (somewhat demanding due to the exposed nature, the same two measures repeated for about 15 minutes, driving the entire orchestra to the end).

Traditional rudimental solos that show a snare drummers technique include:

The Connecticut Halftime, The Three Camps, and The Downfall of Paris

There has been a marked deviation from high sticking, traditional drumming to a forced low stick style. Various techniques of the snare drum include the Moller method, the Gladstone method, and other lesser methods.

Captured in the same room, with the same scrutiny of detail and 11.1 mic positioning philosophy as Superior Drummer 3’s core library, Orchestral Percussion SDX isn’t just the perfect complement to the Superior line of sounds, it’s a revelation. in terms of flexibility and playability within the framework of Superior Drummer 3.

This isn’t just a library of sounds, it’s possibly the most comprehensive and carefully captured collection of handpicked orchestral percussion instruments on the market. Welcome to Orchestral Percussion SDX for Superior Drummer 3.

Concert toms[edit]

Much like the bass drum, the concert toms are meant to add color and shading to orchestral music. However, it can also be used much like the snare drum. The snare drum can have the snare off, producing a high tom sound. Depending on the composer and/or music, the concert tom can be used as both. It gives a warm but sharper tone due to its size, being between 8 and 16 inches in diameter, whereas the concert bass is 30 to 45 inches. Factors such as the feel of the piece and the period in which it was written are taken into account when using the concert tom.

Orchestral Percussion SDX Crack + License Key Free Download

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Top Feature:

  • More than 100 individual instruments
  • Recorded at the same studio as the Superior Drummer 3 core sound library
  • A complete immersive experience
  • Playback in stereo up to 11-channel surround systems
  • Sampled with extreme attention to detail and articulation
  • Optional tools available for selected instruments
  • Includes a comprehensive selection of MIDI
  • Configured as two SDGs

System Requirements & Compatibility:

  • 64-bit Windows 7 or newer, 8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM or more recommended)
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, 64-bit Intel-based Mac with 8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM or more recommended)
  • Basic install: Approx. 25 GB download and an additional 25 GB for the installation process
  • Complete install: Approx. 65 GB download and an additional 65 GB for the installation process.

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